Mastering the Basics of Personal Finance

Mastering the Basics of Personal Finance

Are you already OK at personal finance but want to take your knowledge to the next level?

You might want to save for big changes in your life, whether that be getting a job in a different industry, getting married or raising children.

The point is that you need to be disciplined and clever in how you are budgeting, investing and paying your taxes.


  • 6 crucial financial questions you need to ask yourself
  • Why compound interest is one of your best friends (with real-life examples)
  • How understanding inflation will help you to make key financial decisions for you and your family
  • The smart way of managing financial risk
  • Learn how inflation reduces the value of money over time and thus reducing your purchasing power. This will distill urgency for you to generate returns to beat inflation.
  • Embracing financial risk and using it to your advantage
  • How to diversify your portfolio like a financial expert
  • The BIGGEST financial regrets Singaporeans have

Recommended Time: 45-75 minutesENROL IN THIS COURSE NOW

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