Getting Started on Your Personal & Family Budget

Getting Started on Your Personal & Family Budget

Do you want to make sure that you protect your family (financially and otherwise)?

Mastering the art of personal finance is a truly valuable tool to have in your skillset, but if you make bad money decisions with your family budget, it can lead to a disaster.

Around the world, one of the biggest reasons why people get divorced is money (it is not pretty).

When two people who used to be willing to take a bullet for each other start fighting over who gets the house, is one of the most devastating emotional experiences.

Never put yourself or your family at risk of going through that.

This is why learning family budgeting is really important and people don’t pay enough attention to it.


  • Budgeting like a boss
  • Top tips to reduce your expenses and save more for the future
  • Clear strategy to staying within budget
  • Idea about net worth
  • The best way to think about net worth (not what you think)
  • Mobile app recommendations
  • How to increase your income substantially by utilizing glitches in the financial system


  • Recording your current monthly expenses in the simplest and most effective way
  • We will help you create a savvy budget for next 2 months
  • Self-awareness exercise, understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • Net worth computation

Recommended Time: 60-90 minutesENROL IN THIS COURSE NOW

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